Sunday, April 12, 2009

Learn to live an organic sustainable life - 2 day course

"Learn to live an organic sustainable life"

Eat local, live well, reconnect with the earth...
On this 2 Day fully interactive course embracing self sustainability, the cycle of food, life sources and a myriad of facets that surround it.

The following components of organic living will be explored:

building healthy organic soil, soil health, nutrition and organic additives

designing a comprehensive planting pattern for the year and companion planting

natural pest controlconventional composting, creating a worm farm utilizing household organic waste

recycling and gray water management

sprout gardening and raw foods

introducing herb and vegetables into your existing garden

bringing nature back into the town garden, restoring the balance

setting up an environmentally friendly water usage program

calculating your carbon foot print for urban living

After the course support will be internet based and each participant will be introduced to Kitchen Gardens International, an opportunity to meet through the internet, people with similar interests. KGI will offer you support and be able to answer any questions that you have as well as being able to correspond with like minded people the world over.

Price: On request.

Hosts wanted: We are always looking for hosts for our courses
We will cover the cost for you and a friend (or your gardener) if we can host the course in your garden - a nice way to get started! This offer depends on us booking a total of 12 people.